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What We Do

Need to find a lawyer? WHERE would you look? HOW MUCH should you pay for one? Can you TRUST them? Do you even need a lawyer or another professional? What KIND of a lawyer would you need?

Whether you are an individual looking to consult a lawyer, or a business, LawXero has got you covered. We are an Online Marketplace to find reliable lawyers and other professionals to buy legal services for you and your business. In four simple steps, you’ll find the support you need at a price you will love.


Our Story

LawXero was set up by two practising lawyers for England and Wales who, through their day-to-day practice, came across the client’s inconvenience in procuring legal services, and the less than clear pricing in the legal industry - while helping to reduce time ‘wasted’ by professionals when acquiring new clients.



Concierge Service with a Difference

LawXero is a marketplace with a difference! The quality of their Legal Concierge Service and the legal services sourced and provided by them gives you an undeniable sense of assurance that a competent professional partner is at your side, readily available. This is the reason why the value of their services will consistently exceed your expectations whatever they may be and as a fellow service provider company from the otherwise of the globe, we eagerly endorse them.”



Red Hot New Start-Up, Full of Passion, Founded by Professionals

“We still remember the first time we met the co-founders of LawXero. We were particularly struck by the bright sparkles in their eyes as they explained to us their services and business model. Each founder has utilised her expertise and know-hows to streamline the services for us. 

 Starting anew in a foreign environment, even for an established company like us, is no different from a baby taking its first step into the world. It was full of fear and everything was unfamiliar. But thanks to LawXero’s meticulous service packages, our company was able to form a stable base in the UK from which we could conduct business both here and in Europe. LawXero’s services truly go beyond simply understanding the clients’ needs and solving them.”



essential company guide

“LawXero has helped our companies on numerous occasions, everything from a new equity and tax structure, recruitment, to urgent immigration representations. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of lawyers we’ve found through them and of course the results they brought us! LawXero’s way of obtaining lawyers just for your needs, especially when things can get on top of you, is simply invaluable to a busy, fast-paced international group company like us. 

LawXero really is our law hero here in the UK”